Esme Davies


Esme Davies is Sweet Pea’s Marketing and Customer Success Manager with an extensive knowledge of the issues affecting older people and their families. 

As one of the senior members of the Editorial Team, Esme crafts articles, guides and marketing campaigns to engage people on the importance of preparing for later life and to educate audiences on the most pressing health, care and finance topics affecting the older generation. 

She liaises with Sweet Pea’s board of editorial care experts, clinicians and finance professionals, to ensure all content is compliant with our Editorial Policy (link) and to guarantee its accuracy, impartiality and trustworthiness. 

In addition, Esme is one of the main points of contact between Sweet Pea and our care provider partners, helping introduce them to the Sweet Pea platform, onboarding them and getting the most out of their membership. 

A committed advocate for raising awareness for dementia, Esme is a member of the Dementia Community.

Esme holds a BA English (First) from the University of Bristol and is driven by giving people the tools and confidence to help themselves, through education and learning. She embodies this as a lover of languages who has taught English to teens in the UK and Spain. 

Plus, with the experience of living abroad, Esme understands that problems facing the older generation and their families aren’t purely confined to the UK. She also appreciates the needs of expat millennials and Gen Xs who are living abroad with elderly parents back home. She wants her work with Sweet Pea to help people take control of their (or their parent’s) later life needs, wherever they are in the world.