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Gemma is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Pea Care and has been advising families and care companies for the last decade through Arc Seven Communications.

Gemma is on a mission to ensure that every family is connected to the care they need, when they need it. Having worked in social care for more than 20 years, starting out as a support worker, and laterally as a Director of healthcare communications agency, Arc Seven, she knows the challenges families face day in, day out.

Passionate about sharing values-led human-interest stories, best practice and innovation from across the social care sector, Gemma has worked with some of the UK’s leading care providers including Hamberley Care Homes, Advinia Health Care and Home Care, and Dementia research charity BRACE to name but a few.

Stedfast in the belief that families should have access to leading care experts and thought leaders within elderly care, Gemma hosts the Sweet Pea Care webinar whose guests include experts from Playlist for Life, Cognitive Books, Dementia Carers Count and Dementia UK. Gemma also works closely with clinicians from Elysium Healthcare to create thought leadership articles which also feature in NRTimes.

Passionate about raising awareness for dementia, Gemma is a member of the Dementia Community.

Gemma and the Arc Seven team are a three-time finalist for HealthInvestor Awards Consultancy of the Year.

Fascinated by people, behaviour and culture, Gemma also has a PhD in Anthropology from Brunel University.