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How to make the most of your CQC rating

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Your home care business has just received a great inspection report from the Care Quality Commission - excellent news.

This means you’ve either been rated overall Good or Outstanding.

This is obviously helpful from a regulatory perspective - but it’s also an opportunity to market your business.

A positive CQC rating builds trust - and you need to shout about it.

This is how you do it.

What we will cover in this article:

  • Why having a decent CQC rating is good news for your reputation – in ways you might not think.
  • How to get the local media to cover the results of your CQC inspection.
  • Why images are absolutely critical when it comes to getting media coverage.
  • Using social media to share the results of your CQC report.
Why a positive CQC report is great news for your reputation

Why a positive CQC report is great news for your reputation

This may seem obvious but some home care providers hide their light under a bushel and forget to shout about their positive rating when it is given.

It’s easy to see a CQC rating as a regulatory hurdle to overcome, a matter of compliance, but for the public it is a valuable metric.

When people come to choose care services for their loved ones they are on a steep learning curve.

They often know close to nothing about the social care sector – and may not have even heard of the CQC.

But once they do get their heads around the regulator, they will want to see how you fare.

Why is a CQC rating so important for building trust

There are countless review sites now available online, social media groups (with their endless comments) but nothing has the independent credibility of the CQC.

It’s a way for families to cut through a lot of the noise and the bias. 

It is a source of information people will trust, when it comes to choosing a care provider.

So it follows that you need to make it very well known that you have received a positive report.

Yes, you are obliged to include a link to your latest report on your website – but that’s not really enough.

Here’s how  you can make more of your report.

Making the most of your positive CQC report

Making the most of your positive CQC report

When you receive your Good or Outstanding rated report you need to CELEBRATE IT.

This means you need to tell the story of the report in a press release (for your local media) and of course across your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) are my go to for this.

Getting the press release right

Getting the press release right

If you’ve never written a press release before, don’t worry there are loads of online guides on how to write a press release.

Crucially keep the press release right, focused and highlight the most positive comments from the CQC report.

You can take quotes directly from the report, such as family comments, but make sure your use them exactly – you must not paraphrase.

Try and focus on those comments which have emotional impact – you will find most of these under the ‘Caring’ metric.

And make sure you include a quote from the service manager saying how delighted they are with their new inspection report and praise the work of the team – great for morale.

Getting the images right for your CQC report

Getting the images right for your CQC report

Along with your press release for the local media you must include a high quality image.

This means a photograph which shows your team celebrating their wonderful inspection grade.

This may sound simple but SO MANY providers get this wrong.

How to use social media to boost your new CQC rating

Crucially don’t just create one Facebook post and think your job is done.

Plan five days of posts for your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds – make a mini campaign out of this.

In each post highlight a different aspect of the praise in the report – then find a quote that makes that point as strongly as possible.

Each day issue a new photograph – from your team shoot – and superimpose that days quote across the image.

If you post every day for a week you will maximise the chances of your followers and stakeholders getting sight of your brilliant CQC report.

Oh, and when the local media coverage comes through make sure you share this on social too.

social media for home care providers

Sharing your CQC rating going forwards

You can see that there is so much you can do to make the most of your CQC report as a marketing tool.

And don’t forget to periodically remind your followers of your report status.

Crucially, highlight the report to prospective customers and sign post them towards it.

As we said at the beginning, this report is a vital trust-builder in your services so you need to utilise it.

Good luck!