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Dementia Talking Point: Online dementia support community

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Gemma Clay Sweet Pea Care Webinars

Author 20.06.2022

Gemma Clay

Dementia Talking Point is an online forum for people living with dementia and their carers.

Users can ask questions, get information and share practical tips with people who know what they are going through.

Let's cover the basics to help you get started.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

  • Dementia Talking Point is an online membership community of people living with dementia and their carers, sharing experiences and supporting each other.
  • It follows a message board format where users can post their queries and other members can respond offering their advice and thoughts.
  • The journey of dementia can be lonely and isolating, so it helps to talk to others who have shared experiences.
  • Dementia Talking Point is an Alzheimer’s Society initiative.
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What is Dementia Talking Point?

When a diagnosis of dementia is first received it can be a very distressing and unsettling time.

Often families don’t know where to turn. But help is available and Dementia Talking Point is one of the best free resources available online.

It’s an online membership community of people living with dementia and their carers, asking questions, sharing information and providing a support network for each other.

Dementia Talking Point is run by the Alzheimer’s Society.

The innovative online community is free to use, open 24 hours and you can access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Is Dementia Talking Point safe?

Yes, the online community has good privacy and safety settings.

You can remain anonymous to discuss sensitive issues about dementia and seek support more privately.

Users often ask questions such as what is dementia?  and what are the early signs of dementia?

How to use the online community

The dementia forum is easy to use. Follow this link to set up your profile.

Once you have set up your profile then you’re all set to ask questions and respond to other people’s queries.

Sometimes you may not be familiar with all the dementia focused terminology used on the forum.

Here’s a list of abbreviations commonly used, access here.

dementia statistics

Dementia statistics

The dementia online community has more than 75,000 members and is growing each day.

Most members are active, taking part in 124,538 current threads.

These conversations contain more than 1,800,000 messages combined.

If an online community is not your thing then there are other ways to get support.

If you want to hear other first hand accounts then why not try reading books on dementia. 

They’re a fantastic way to hear from experts as well as learn practical coping strategies.

And there’s more here on what benefits you can claim if you have dementia.

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Gemma Clay Sweet Pea Care Webinars

Author 20.06.2022

Gemma Clay

Gemma is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Pea Care and has been advising families and care companies for the last decade through Arc Seven Communications.