Dementia tracker keyring for old people

Dementia tracker keyring: Ways to help wandering loved ones

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If you worry about your loved one with dementia wandering off and getting lost, a tracker keyring is essential.

Dementia tracker keyrings are designed to track and locate your loved one. The tracker can also alert you if they get into trouble.

This article will cover everything you need to know about dementia tracker keyrings, including where to buy them.

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Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in this article:

  • A dementia tracker keyring is a GPS enabled personal device that can be attached to your loved one’s clothing or keys. 
  • It uses GPS technology which connects to a smartphone application in order to access location details. Some use technology that allows for communication with loved ones through the device.
  • Some products require credit to use. This can be done through a subscription or topping up a SIM card, like a mobile phone.
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What is a dementia tracker keyring?

A dementia tracker keyring is a GPS enabled device that is worn or attached to a personal item. 

The tracker appears as a small fob that can easily be work around someone’s neck or attached to clothing. It tracks the movements of the wearer, sending live updates to an app, which can be downloaded by family members. 

Depending on the technology used, some may have more advanced features than others, such as an alarm button. 

The alarm function can alert contacts in case of a fall or other emergency. 

It can also create an alert when the wearer goes out of a set area. 

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What are the key features of a dementia tracker keyring?

A dementia care tracker keyring is primarily used to track location of the person wearing it.

This is useful for people with dementia who may be more prone to getting lost.

However it can also be used for people with other conditions as an extra safety measure. 

You can expect a basic dementia tracker keyring or similar device to have the following features

  • GPS tracking 
  • Alert function 
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Detachable keyring or lanyard for wearability

Some more advanced dementia tracker keyring models use a smartphone application.

Is a dementia tracker keyring necessary?

Whether a dementia tracker keyring is necessary for your loved one can depend on a number of factors. 

When thinking about buying a tracker for your loved one with dementia, consider the following ideas.

Severity of condition

Those in the early stages of dementia may have more manageable symptoms than those in the later stages.

An alerting tracker keyring could help with those prone to wandering and getting lost or who have falls. 

There’s more here on the early signs of dementia.

Level of independence

If they live independently or with minimal assistance, a tracker may be useful as a safety backup – they are great if you are getting care at home.

The technology inspires confidence in people with dementia and their loved ones and supports independent living.

They can continue to independently attend events and errands outside of the home knowing that assistance is always at hand.


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Cognitive ability

Some people with dementia may experience more extreme memory loss and confusion which can increase the chance of getting lost.

Tendency to wander 

Leaving the safety of home when living with dementia can be an overwhelming experience, due to unfamiliar sights and sounds.

This can cause panic and stress, which may affect their sense of orientation and ability to get themselves safely home.

A dementia tracker keyring can help in these situations by altering contacts as to their movements. 

Use of technology

Always consider your loved one’s ability to use the technology and avoid anything too complicated.

There are many GPS trackers available, but not all of them will cater to the needs of people with dementia.

Have a look at the best dementia tracker keyrings we’ve compiled below for the most suitable designs on the market. 

Best dementia tracker keyrings to buy

Dementia tracker for older people

Locàite Personal GPS Tracker

Designed for elderly users with dementia, Alzheimer’s and their families. Two way voice communication with loud, high quality sound 

  • SOS emergency button (alerts all authorised app users immediately, then telephones up to 3 emergency contacts in turn until answered).
  • Fall detection alerts you if the wearer falls over. 
  • Zone alerts if the wearer roams outside a chosen area.
  • £7.99 monthly subscription includes unlimited data, 60 mins calls and 30 optional SMS. Preinstalled EE SIM, ready to use.
  • 1 month contract cancel anytime
  • UK priority in-app support

What the reviews say: One reviewer who bought this dementia tracker keyring says: ‘It tracks him, allows me to call him, lets him press an sos button if he needs to, and is just overall brilliant. The best feature by far for me is that I can call without him having to do anything – the device will just answer by itself! The microphone and speaker are good and clear.’

Price: £119.99

Ubeequee dementia tracker

Ubee Zen GPS Tracker for Elderly

The Ubee Zen GPS Tracker for Elderly comes with live tracking and location history, plus is ultra lightweight. 

  • Ultra lightweight (23g)
  • Lanyard or key ring attachment
  • Splash / puddle proof
  • Easy to set up.
  • Virtual Fence/ defined safe area
  • Alarms for low battery.
  • App Sharing – Share your app details with friends, family and carers
  • SOS function (voice or data depending on subscription chosen)
  • SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – the product requires a SIM card to pass data to the app

What the reviews say:Has totally resolved the problem of elderly relatives wandering out and getting lost, or being out when carers come to take them somewhere. Can be tracked to exact location and scooped up. Works well on keyring.’

Price: £41.99

SureSafeGO 2 'Anywhere' Alarm

The SureSafeGO 2 ‘Anywhere’ Alarm

The SureSafeGO 2 ‘Anywhere’ Alarm is fully mobile so you can use at home or on the go with GPS Tracking and ‘Find-Me’ Function

  • Two-Way Communication
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Add Up To Three Nominated Contacts
  • One-Touch SOS Button, No Landline Needed
  • 1 Months FREE Credit: 5 mins talk time/15 texts/1 MB data

What the reviews say:You will need a mobile phone to set this up. Some of the instructions are a bit vague. You can text the word “loc” to the phone and it will reply with a text message containing the location which, so far, has been fairly accurate although it might be more accurate if it’s outside.’

Price: £179.95

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker

AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker

The AngelSense Personal GPS Tracker has all-day GPS monitoring with live updates.

  • 2-Way Voice with Auto-Answer Technology
  • Reliable Alerts to Avoid Emergencies
  • Real-Time Transit Tracking for Every Ride
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • Wearing Sleeve
  • 3 Non-Removable Pins
  • Magnetic Key
  • Premium Support
  • One Free Month of Service

What the reviews say:  Takes worry out of not knowing where a loved one with dementia is. Users love that I can call it and speak to loved ones. It gives excellent peace of mind.

Price: £59

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