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The best dementia friendly mobile phones in the UK

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If you’re looking for reviews on the best dementia friendly mobile phones available in the UK then this blog is for you.

It’s hard for anyone living with dementia or with cognitive impairment to operate a mobile device.

Here we review the best dementia friendly phones on the market, to make sure you get the most out of your mobile.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in this blog:

  • Dementia friendly mobile phones are devices with simplified technology. This allows elderly users to easily use phones for essential tasks such as calls with an emergency contact. 
  • Some dementia friendly mobile phones may have larger or fewer buttons of different functions from a regular mobile phone or smartphone. 
  • If buying a new device isn’t an option for you, there are ways to adapt your existing smartphone. Adjusting the size of the text or tidying up contacts to ensure only the essentials are easy to access can prevent the phone from becoming overwhelming.

What is a dementia friendly mobile phone?

The best dementia friendly mobile phones are specifically designed to the needs of people living with dementia. 

The design and systems of these phones are based on the kinds of difficulties someone with dementia might encounter when using a mobile. 

For example, some devices only have buttons for three contacts, which can be programmed in, similar to speed-dial. This removes the need for a number pad and scrolling through pages of names to reduce confusion when making an essential call. 


Doro 780X Unlocked 4G Dual SIM

The Doro 780X Unlocked 4G Dual SIM phone is great for the elderly and for those who struggle to use a conventional phone or remember phone numbers.

It also includes a number of safety features that help alert contact in an emergency as well as preventing nuisance calls and damage to the device.

  • Response
  • Safety timer
  • Splashproof
  • Call blocking
  • ICE number 
  • GPS
  • Pay as you go or contract sim

Jitterbug Flip2

The Jitterbug Flip2 is a simple flip phone designed for seniors generally with simple and easy to use features. 

While the device has all the usual features of a mobile phone, there is an emphasis on its voice command feature which can be linked to Amazon Alexa.

emporiaSMART.4 32GB Mobile Phone (3)

EmporiaSMART.4 32GB Mobile Phone

The EmporiaSMART.4  is a compact and easy-to-use smartphone with simplified menus, large icons and text. 

It also has a number of helpful features for navigating daily tasks, such as:

  • Integrated QR scanner App 
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Google Pay contactless payments
  • Detailed training book and guide for confident and independent use.

The Amplicomms M50 Senior Smartphone

The Amplicomms M50 Senior Smartphone uses a Simplified user interface – with two simple screen options to choose from and high-contrast display which makes it easy to use for older users unfamiliar with smartphone technology.

  • Extra-loud sound
  • Hearing-aid compatible with those that have a T setting
  • Comes with headphones and charging stand 
  • SOS button
  • Camera
Raz memory mobile phone

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

The RAZZ Memory Cell Phone is one of the best dementia friendly mobile phones, specifically designed for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It takes into account the difficulties faced by these individuals and is easy to use. 

It has a Remote Management feature, which allows caregivers to manage all aspects of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone from afar, using a mobile app or online portal. 

The screen accommodates up to 6 contacts with an option for up to 30, with contact pictures and names underneath.  The pictures help individuals with dementia who cannot always remember the names of their contacts or who may have difficulty reading.

Incoming calls can also be limited to contacts, which removes the worry of nuisance marketing or scam callers.

The RAZZ Memory Cell Phone is not currently available in the UK, but there are rumours that it is set to be launched here soon.

Doro 8050 Amplified Smartphone Mobile Phone for Seniors

The Doro 850 Amplified smartphone

Great for seniors who need a simple and easy to use mobile phone, especially if hearing is also an issue.

The Doro 850 Amplified smartphone has a number of excellent features to ensure easy use.

These include:

  • Extra-loud earpiece 
  • SOS button to quickly notify top contacts in case of emergency
  • Simplified operating system
  • Built in screen protection against drops 
  • Built in ‘Help’ button to guide users through the device’s functions

Worried about your loved one?

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how to stay safe online

How to make your existing mobile phone dementia friendly

If buying a brand new device isn’t an option, there are features on mobile phones that can be adapted to be dementia friendly for users. 

Tidy up

The first step is to completely tidy up the phone that  your senior loved one is using. 

This helps avoid confusion and overwhelm when searching for names and numbers, as well as using the other applications on the phone (if that is an option). 

Delete any unwanted apps, images, contacts and anything else that is not needed on the device. 

Ensure that essential contacts, including ICE (In Case of Emergency) are easily accessible and include photos of them, if possible, to act as a reminder.

dementia friendly mobile phones


If text is an issue, many smartphones allow users to make the text size bigger on the screen. This is helpful when looking through contacts to find the right person to call as well as reading and writing messages.

Choose a ringtone and text tones that are recognisable and won’t be jarring when they sound. 

Remove any passcodes or barriers that could prevent someone using the phone in an emergency.

Voice commands

Enabling voice commands on your phone can make activities such as calling much easier, especially if eyesight or co-ordination is an issue. 

Different smartphones use different assistant names, but they can be summoned by saying ‘Hey Google/ Siri’ and giving instructions. 

Smart phones can be also paired with a device such as the Amazon Alexa or other virtual assistant technology, which can play music, facilitate web searches and call contacts, all through voice commands. 


best phones for seniors

Simplify the screen

Bright interactive screens with lots of icons and images can be a confusing prospect for someone with dementia. 

To combat this, there are a number of apps available to download on smartphones that can simplify the screen that you use (also known as the interface). 

Bald phone, Simple Mode and Big Launcher are all trusted apps available for IOS and Android. 

We hope you liked our review of best dementia friendly mobile phones UK useful.

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