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What are the early signs of dementia?

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signs of dementia
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I’m worried about my loved one, do they have dementia?

Identify early signs and take action

When somebody you love begins to show signs of cognitive problems, it’s an incredibly worrying experience for all concerned.

In this guide, we look at the early signs of dementia – what they are and who to approach to get help.

You are not alone – knowledge is power.

types of dementia

What are the most common types of dementia?

Here's just some of what we cover:

  • Vascular dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Young-onset Dementia

Our 9-page accessible guide covers the important differences between these conditions and what they mean for care.

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Every dementia journey is different

Dementia is complex, and so is each person’s experience of the many conditions falling under this name

Dementia UK sums up the emotional journey for loved ones, ‘If someone you love is living with dementia, you’re living with it too.’ Thankfully there are excellent resources to help people living with dementia and their families.

Did you know that 61% of people living with dementia aged 65 and over continue to live in their own homes? The provision of home care means people get to stay longer in a home that feels safe, comfortable and familiar.

signs of dementia

Worried your loved one might have dementia?

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