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Sweet Pea Partner FAQs

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Everything you need to know about becoming
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1. What is Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea is an ‘everything platform’ for elderly care. We are a care marketplace and we provide free care management software for families, enabling elderly loved ones to live well at home for longer. Families receive personalised matches with trusted care providers and other care services and products, all based on individual care needs. Our care management software helps families create a care profile for their Loved One, keep a care journal and organise care together as a Family Group.

2. How does Sweet Pea work?

Families enter their Loved One’s care needs in a Care Request and our intelligent care marketplace provides them with a personalised shortlist of trusted care providers with availability in their area. Families can connect with the care provider directly through our platform in our Care Conversations – our exclusive messaging service that streamlines communication, taking the stress out of the enquiry process for both family and care provider.

3. Is Sweet Pea free to use?

Sweet Pea is completely free for families. Care providers and Care partners are charged a referral fee each time they enter into a Care Conversation with a family.

4. What areas do you cover?

We are onboarding marketplace partners from across the whole of England. We don’t currently operate in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but we hope to soon!

5. What types of referrals do you provide?

We refer families to a wide range of services available through our Marketplace. As a partner your profile can list either service as a single offering or you can be a dual-service provider. We offer full location management so you can set your availability based on your location details.

6. How can my business sign up to Sweet Pea?

Sign up is easy. One of our Customer Success Managers will walk you through the process and your profile can be live in minutes. Just contact partners@sweetpea.care to arrange an onboarding meeting.

7. Can I see how my business is performing on Sweet Pea?

Absolutely. You’ll have access to a comprehensive set of analytics through your Care Dashboard, which will provide crucial business intelligence and benchmarks on how your profile is performing. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your Customer Service manager to understand how you can optimise your profile, improve your performance and get more referrals.

8. Can I make my company profile stand out for families?

You can customise your profile to showcase what makes your services special, plus upload photos, (profile and cover image) and embed videos (coming soon). You’ll also have access to our support team’s expert insight for profile checks and optimisation.

9. Is my data secure?

Yes your information is secure. We take data protection very seriously at Sweet Pea and only share information with your permission. The way we handle and store data is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For full details please see our privacy notice here.

10. Do you have any specific terms of service?

Yes we have a few set rules that we ask everyone who uses the Sweet Pea platform to follow so that we can create an outstanding experience of care for all. Please see our Terms of Service here.

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