Diabetic shoes The best buys for you or a loved one

Diabetic shoes: The best buys for you or a loved one

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Author 02.02.2024

Alistair Clay

If you’re tired of sore, swollen feet, diabetic shoes could be the solution.

These comfortable diabetic shoes take the pressure off your feet and encourage healthy blood circulation.

As well as improving blood flow, they can help prevent the risk of developing diabetic foot conditions.

This article will cover the best diabetic shoes that can help diabetics with their foot care, and blood health.

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Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

  • Diabetic shoes are a great alternative to regular styles, offering ultimate comfort for people with diabetes. 
  • They can also reduce the risk of developing swelling and other diabetic foot conditions.
  • By promoting blood flow, they support everyday foot health which can help people with diabetes stay mobile.
  • Diabetic shoes come in a range of styles and are suitable for all types of daily activities and weather.
What are diabetic shoes

What are diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes are specifically designed for people with diabetes to use as part of their foot care routine.

These shoes tend to be wider for extra comfort and to prevent injuries from ill-fitting designs. 

Unlike high-street designs, diabetic shoes are made to protect your feet against injuries such as blisters and calluses. 

As well as alleviate pressure that can lead to swelling in the feet, ankles and legs.

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How can diabetic shoes help?

Diabetic shoes are a comfortable, low cost alternative for diabetics who experience discomfort in their feet. 

They are made of lightweight materials in a range of designs, including adapted fastenings such as velcro. 

This means they are easy to slip on when getting ready for the day.

HomeTop Corded Slippers

What are the best diabetic shoes?

Let’s take a closer look at the best diabetic shoes available online right now, so you can get a pair that will be the right for you.

Diabetic Slippers: HomeTop Corded Slippers

If you are looking for a bit more comfort, these diabetic slippers from HomeTop might be just what you need.

These foam slippers have a closed back to give you a secure feel, covering your heel and the top of your foot.

You should also look for this sort of support in slippers if you’re worried about how to prevent falls in elderly loved ones.

They also come in four different colours and have a UK standard size range from four to eight.

Other features

  • Made of corduroy 
  • Non-slip outsole 
  • Skid resistant 
  • Arch support

Price: £24.99


“Very adjustable with velcro fastening.”

“These shoes are pretty good, and designed to fit and adjust so they cover all contingencies.”

“Very nice quality, non-slip, wide enough for swelling feet, tongue on upper foot keeps Velcro from rubbing top of foot. Great purchase!”

STUNAHOME Diabetic Shoes

STUNAHOME Diabetic Shoes

For those who enjoy getting active, these diabetic shoes will be your new best friend!

They are fitted with memory foam to contour to the soles of your feet which is great for long periods of wear.

The durable rubber soles for indoor and outdoor use are slip-resistant, meaning you’ll feel supported throughout the day.

While the breathable mesh upper will keep your feet at the right temperature all day. 

Other features

  • Made with mesh and velcro
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Air cushion 
  • Extra depth 

Price: £57.89


“Lovely and lightweight.”

“These shoes are marvellous! Great packaging, fantastic quality and value for money.”

“Very pleased. Really good value for the price and don’t look like typical ‘granny shoes’ either.”

Revs Lights Massage Flip Flops

Revs Lights Massage Flip Flops

These massage flip flops by Revs are fantastic to take on travels or for warmer seasons.

While these aren’t specifically for diabetics, they provide joint support and pain relief from various foot conditions.

These flip-flops can increase blood flow and boost energy levels, so you can walk with ease.

These are no ordinary flip flops as they are designed to act as a natural form of therapy, and can combat symptoms of diabetes.

Other features

  • Massage sole
  • Arch support
  • Supports post-op recovery 
  • Anatomically shaped 

Price: £29.99


“They feel great when I step into them and feet do feel good when I step out of them!”

“The quality is superb and I anticipate buying a second pair as back up.”

“They fit well and are comfortable. I can feel the firm gentle pressure of them on my feet as I walk around and I have no doubt they will work as they are designed to.”


Boojoy Winter Boots

Boojoy Winter Boots

For the colder months, these diabetic winter boots are sure to keep you cosy and supported throughout the winter period.

These diabetic shoes are fur-lined, providing extra insulation when outside.

They are also waterproof which adds extra versatility, so no need to worry about wet weather. 

These boots can make a great Christmas gift for elderly people, and can keep you active whatever the weather. 

Other features

  • Wear resistant 
  • Made with waterproof cloth
  • Snow boot style 
  • Slip-resistant 

Price: £17.99


“Good value at this price. Warm and comfortable and I look forward to wearing them more in the snow.”

“So comfortable, easy to put on and perfect for the variable winter weather. The non-slip soles really are no slip. I have several pairs.”

“Lovely and warm, and slip on easily, very comfortable, like wearing slippers.”

What are the best diabetic shoes

Why should I wear diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes are an important care item for you or your loved one with diabetes, especially if you find regular shoes uncomfortable.

These types of shoes are tailored for those living with diabetes, and they minimise pressure points to prevent pain.

Regular shoes could cause blisters and skin conditions, which can lead to infections if you are diabetic.

What if diabetic shoes don’t work for me?

Not everyone will feel that wearing diabetic shoes is right for them.

There’s no pressure to wear them if they don’t suit your needs, as there are other means of diabetic foot care.

For example, wearing diabetic socks will provide comfort and protection as well as reduce swelling. 

Seeking advice from your GP or podiatrist should give you some options, so don’t delay organising an appointment.

What if diabetic shoes don’t work for me

Other ways to look after your feet

Use compression for swelling – read more about this in our article on how to get rid of swollen ankles fast.

If you experience numbness, take time to check for cuts and sores, as you may not be able to feel them.

Create a self-care routine by massaging in foot cream or moisturisers to help you relax and release tension. 

Wash your feet well, cut your nails and wear breathable fabrics to promote general foot hygiene.

Who should use diabetic socks

What are diabetic foot conditions?

Diabetic foot conditions are conditions people with diabetes can get if they have raised blood glucose levels.

This can affect circulation, so if a person with diabetes gets a foot injury, it can lead to a lot of issues.

If cuts and sores are left untreated, they can get infected and lead to the development of life impacting foot conditions.

So diabetic shoes can help in protecting your feet and reduce the risk of soreness you can get from regular footwear.

What are the most common foot conditions?

Some of the most common foot conditions people with diabetes could get is numbness or a tingling sensation.

This is due to restricted blood flow and could lead to further complications such as neuropathy, which can cause foot ulcerations.

Allowing extra space for your feet is really important if you have diabetes.

Plus, investing in proper footwear will protect you from foot conditions including ingrown toenails and numbness.

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links and if you happen to make a purchase with them, we will earn a small commission.

Alistair Clay Author

Author 02.02.2024

Alistair Clay

Alistair is a founding Director of Sweet Pea Care and the Managing Director of social care communications agency Arc Seven where he advises some of the UK’s biggest care providers.