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Alarm for elderly living alone: our review of the best safety alarms

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Alistair Clay Author

Author 08.09.2023

Alistair Clay

If your loved one lives independently, they might benefit from having an alarm for elderly living alone.

These personal alarm systems function at home and outdoors so your loved one is safe wherever they go.

There are a number of different models and functions, so it’s good to understand how your loved one will use it.

So let’s look at the different styles of alarm for elderly living alone and help you choose the best for your loved one.

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Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

  • A personal alarm for elderly living alone is a wearable device that can help your loved one in an emergency.
  • They are useful for older people who want to live alone but may need support due to care needs. 
  • Alarms alert caregivers that their loved one needs support, with more high tech designs using an app or call centre. 
  • These devices promote independence for elderly people living alone and give peace of mind to them and their families.
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What is a personal alarm for elderly living alone?

A personal alarm for elderly living alone is a pocket sized piece of technology that could be a lifesaver. 

Shaped like a fob these personal alarms are designed to be worn and used at home and on the go. 

Some even use a watch design, which ensures the alarm is always on their person.

When activated, the alarm connects to a wireless device in the home or on a mobile app used by a family member.

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Why do more people choose to have them?

Thanks to the older generation choosing to spend their later years living at home, they are more likely to have a personal alarm.

These alarms for elderly living alone can be a lifeline for older people who may not be confident with technology. 

The simple single button call system means that help can be alerted at the push of a button. 

Whether that’s from a family member or even provided by the local authority care team or emergency services.

Benefits of a personal alarm for elderly living alone

There are so many benefits to having a personal alarm as an elderly person living alone. 

Some of these benefits are dependent on what type of alarm you choose or are provided with. 

So be sure to check the features and specifications of different products to get the best personal alarm for your loved one. 

Peace of mind

If your loved one lives alone at home, they could be at risk of falling or getting into trouble and not being able to contact help. 

With a personal safety alarm, help is never more than the click of a button away. 

This gives families and their elderly loved ones peace of mind that they won’t be left stranded without being able to get support. 

Even if an incident happens between home care visits from an elderly carer.

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Greater independence

Having the back-up of a connected alarm system gives elderly people who are able and want to continue living on their own to do so. 

Feeling trusted to live their lives without constant supervision allows older people to continue enjoying life at home.

With the added assurance that if anything was to happen and they suddenly needed help, then help is never far away. 

Fast response

Nowadays having an alarm for elderly living alone means that you are connected to some kind of emergency response. 

Whether this is a pre-programmed family emergency contact or a company emergency response centre. 

This does depend on the company you purchase your alarm from and whether they provide this kind of comprehensive service. 

Even if not, having instant calling with family members or other emergency contacts is an essential way to get support.

LIOTOIN Wireless Caregiver Pager Elderly Alarm

What are the best alarms for elderly living alone?

Here’s our rundown of the best personal alarm systems for older people, to help keep your loved one safe.

LIOTOIN Wireless Caregiver Pager Elderly Alarm Call Button Personal Alarm Call Bell For Elderly

This compact personal alarm is perfect for elderly people who need to call the attention of caregivers within a 600 ft range.

Consisting of a fob and plug in receiver system, this alarm lets you call for help when you’re at home. 

Just place it wherever you need it, such as on your person or stuck to a wall in a room so it’s easily accessible.

You can also choose from 36 ringtones, so there’s no chance of getting the emergency alarm confused with a doorbell chime! 

What’s included?

  • 3 transmitters for you to carry around or keep in certain rooms (one of them has a touch screen button)
  • 1 receiver that should be plugged in in a convenient location where it can be heard clearly. 
  • ‎3x 12V batteries

Price: £25.96

What the reviews say:

‘Got this bell for my husband who is ill in bed so I know I can hear him when he needs me.’

‘Purchased for my elderly parents and works well. Great adjustable volume can be heard all over the bungalow.’

‘Very good range – works when Gran goes for a walk about 80 metres up the road. Loud chime and the volume and the tune can be changed.’

DAYTECH Personal Alarms for Elderly

DAYTECH Personal Alarms for Elderly

This personal alarm for elderly living alone will ring and vibrate and flash when the call button is pressed.

Meaning you can wear this portable device and alert caregivers within a range of 500 ft. 

You can also place the receiver in a room that is convenient for you and it doesn’t have to be plugged in, but can be stuck on the wall. 

Don’t forget that you can also change the ringtone to personalise it to your favourite sounds.

What’s included?

  • Different attachments including a lanyard and a belt clip.
  • 1x AAA batteries
  • Screwdriver

Price: £21.99

What the reviews say:

‘I wear mine 24/7 and it can be heard when my husband is outside in the garage.’

‘Very effective and easy to use. There are three alarm sounds but the only one suitable for patient/family use sounded like a front door bell.’

‘I love this product gives peace of mind knowing my sister can just press the bell to let me know she needs me for the times I’m busy around the house.’

WiFi Rechargeable Smart Wireless Caregiver

WiFi Rechargeable Smart Wireless Caregiver Pager Panic Button Linked To Phone

This emergency alarm device uses WiFi to connect to the phone of your emergency contact, so they can assist you if needed.

All you need to do is push the SOS Transmitter and the signal will be sent to the phone.

This alarm also has a connected app, which sends an alert to relevant emergency contacts when they press and hold the panic button. 

It requires WiFi set up, but once this is done the phone and alarm don’t need to be connected to the same wifi to work so the working distance of the call button is not limited.

What’s included?

  • Alkaline battery
  • Fob, receiver and charging cable

Price £37.99

What the reviews say:

‘This works in 2 ways – she can press the button on the pendant around her neck and it will set off an alarm on the base unit, alerting me if I’m in another room, but also by sending an alert message and tone to my mobile if I’m out.’

‘The only problem is that you must keep the app running on your phone – if you close it then you will only have the base unit alarm, so no good if you are out. I need to get in the habit of checking that.’

‘As someone who is hearing impaired, the vibration feature is mainly why I ordered this one.’

Locàite Personal Alarm for Elderly and Dementia

Locàite Personal Alarm for Elderly and Dementia With SOS Button, Fall Alarm and 2-way Voice Calling

This high technology pendant alarm can detect falls and comes with a dedicated 4G app for UK users. 

The pendant automatically calls up to 3 saved emergency contacts in turn until answered if the SOS button is pressed or a fall is detected. 

And you can use the two way voice communication with loud, high quality sound, just like a phone.

What’s included?

Pendant, charging base, charging cable, lanyard, keyring clip, instruction manual

You can purchase an additional £14.99 monthly subscription which includes unlimited data, 100 mins of calls and 60 optional SMS. 

There is also a function within the app which allows you to check in on your loved one’s daily routine and movement around the home for the past 7 days.

Price: £129.99

What the reviews say:

‘This is the only type of alarm for this purpose that has all these features. It is quite clever how it detects motion if the elderly person falls etc.’

‘This was purchased for elderly mother who is suffering from early stages of dementia. Gives ourselves and the wearer good peace of mind. Highly recommended.’

‘It is small and easily worn, it has 4G and GPS, and allows discreet tracking of the wearer to make sure they are OK, it has an SOS button for the wearer to press in an emergency and also a fall alert.’


CPR Guardian III Personal Alarm for Elderly

CPR Guardian III Personal Alarm for Elderly

From a two time Queen’s Award Winning company, the CPR Guardian III comes a number of high technology features that keep your loved one safe. 

Including a built-in SOS personal alarm, GPS Location tracking, two-way voice calling, heart rate monitor, temperature monitor, and fall detection. 

If a fall is detected , the Guardian III alerts up to 5 pre-set emergency contacts via SMS and in-app notifications then voice calls until answered. 

You can choose from a bronze, silver or gold service plan for different levels of protection.

What’s included?

  • CPR Guardian
  • USB Charger Lead
  • User Guide

Price: £239.99

What the reviews say:

‘The idea of pushing one button to contact my designated SOS contacts makes me feel safe.’

 ‘I have already recommended this watch to others and will continue to do so if you or a family member or friend is in a vulnerable situation.’

‘It alerts me and my family if mum has had a fall anywhere, not just at home. It can be sensitive but if she presses the button to say she’s ok it stops.’

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Can you get help with the cost of a personal alarm?

Some councils do provide basic monitoring services – which can be given to you after a home assessment if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you receive Attendance Allowance or PIP, you may be able to use the money to buy a personal alarm. 

This is because it contributes to your ongoing care and helps you live safely and independently at home.

Thinking about later life care?

Your loved one deserves to live at home where they feel comfortable for as long as they can, and the right care can make that happen. 

Start your care journey by filling in a Sweet Pea Care Request and connect with carers in your local area. 

So whether they need a lot of care or just a little, you can be sure that their needs are covered. 

Just click below to get started. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission.

Alistair Clay Author

Author 08.09.2023

Alistair Clay

Alistair is a founding Director of Sweet Pea Care and the Managing Director of social care communications agency Arc Seven where he advises some of the UK’s biggest care providers.