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Best Bras For Older Women: Our Essential Guide

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Women are used to hearing about how bras ‘support’ them physically, but have you ever thought about how they offer us mental support too?

Bras have the delightful power to be not only a practical necessity but a real luxury item.
Whatever your size or shape, there really are bras to fit every woman’s needs – whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about buying the best bra for your body, and allow you to embrace your natural shape.

  • Women’s bodies change a lot in later life. Physical factors such as menopause and health conditions, as well as general ageing can cause breasts to look and feel different. 
  • It is important to find a bra that suits your changing body. This could offer more support, more accessible fastenings or simply a different style for more comfort. 
  • You should also consider your breast comfort and health in other situations such as exercise.
  • We have put together a list of some of the best bras for you to try.
changing bodies

Why do older women need special bras?

As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, our bodies have changed a little since we first started wearing bras.

Ageing can of course have its delights, but when gravity gets involved, there are parts of our bodies that just don’t behave in the same way that they used to.

On older bodies, breasts have a tendency to elongate, which can cause them to feel as if they have drooped down the body.

This perfectly natural process can have unwanted physical effects on posture as women may take false corrective measures, such as hunching or stopping the shoulders to hide the changes to their chest. 

Knowing that you don’t look as you used to can induce all sorts of emotions among older women.

Especially in situations where physical appearance is valued such as when dating or exercising in public.

There are other situations too, such as surgery after breast cancer, which can change the size, shape or sensitivity of your breasts.

This can have a negative impact on women’s mental health, especially in a society that is obsessed with youthful appearance and perfect bodies.

It has only recently emerged into the social dialogue that we should celebrate these different versions of female bodies. 

Without further ado, it’s time to embrace your body and find your dream bra.

get a good fitting bra

How can I find the right bra size?

We’ve all got long forgotten bras stuffed into drawers waiting to be used, but the reality is that our bodies have changed since we last wore them.

They’re now unlikely to fit or perform as we need them to.

Bad-fitting bras can cause all sorts of problems, from wardrobe malfunctions to tender breasts and back pain.

There are a number of tell-tale signs that your bra doesn’t fit correctly such as:

  • Riding up
  • Hurting or rubbing 
  • Wrinkling of cups
  • Cup overspill 

If you experience any of these with your bra, you should consider getting re-measured. 

Either visit a lingerie store for a bra fitting appointment or take your own measurements with a soft tape measure using our mini guide to measuring. 

  1. Measure in inches the band at the back and the cup around the front.

Compare your measurements to a chart. This should give you a good idea of your bra size.

get the right bra for you

How can I find the best bra for my needs?

When buying a bra it is important that you consider what is going to be comfortable and practical for you.

Don’t just buy the prettiest or the cheapest one you can find.

There are many features in bras for older women that other lingerie companies that target younger women don’t consider.

Whether you find the back clips tricky to navigate or can’t get your head around cup sizes, considering these factors can help you comfortably choose the right bra for you. 

Best bras for older women – usage

Consider what you want to get from your bra, and in what situations you are going to wear it. 

What are the best everyday Bras?

Everyday bras can come in all different styles including wired or non wired.

Your perfect everyday bra should be comfortable to wear day in day out.

You might even want to buy a few different styles to rotate.

Here’s our pick of the best everyday bras for older women

Triumph Everyday Bra

This pretty non-wired bra comes in a range of neutral colours and is a great bra for everyday wear. 

Get the Triumph Everyday Bra

Miss Mary of Sweden

This best selling non-wired supportive bra is a great purchase that will last.

It can be worn every day for any occasion, including exercise. 

Get the Miss Mary of Sweden Bra

What are the best Sleep Bras for older women?

Sleep-friendly bras can be used if you want that little extra support while you sleep or relax.

While wired or cup bras aren’t recommended for sleeping in, there are a range of other styles with features such as no fastening sports bra styles to front closure soft support. 

Here’s our pick of the best:


This soft cotton and lycra bra with a front clasp offers gentle stretch and support with maximum comfort while you sleep. It comes in a range of colours and patterns from leopard print to plain white. 

Get the GEMM Bra

Glamorise Complete Comfort

This bra is made to stretch and adjust to your shape while you sleep.

It comes in a range of neutral colours with front clasp opening for maximum ease and comfort. 

Get the Glamorise Bra

What are the best Sports Bras for older women?

Sports Bras are an essential for any woman when exercising.

They provide a high level of support to stop unwanted chest movement which can result in breast tenderness or other long term issues. 

Here’s our pick of the best:


This front closing sports bra is great for high impact sports such as running or exercise at the gym.

Its stylish zip design comes in a range of colours and is available in sizes 32B-38E, though it is noted that sizing runs small. 

Get the SYROKEN Bra


This underwire sports bra offers full cup coverage and support for exercising.

Wide padded straps limit pressure on the shoulders and breathable mesh keeps skin cool and comfortable while preventing chafing.

The back clasp with extra top clasp on the straps give additional support and can reduce bounce by 83%. Women love this bra! 

Get the Panache Bra

Physical factors

Breasts come in lots of different shapes and sizes and sometimes our bodies change in ways that we do not want or expect. 

Buy a bra that suits your current needs, not the past or future version of yourself! 

What are the best bras for lift and support?

Having big boobs can sometimes make it hard to find bras that you like, while still getting the support and coverage needed. 

Glamorise Magic Lift Support Bra 

This wireless bra uses Magic Lift design to provide a high level of support for women with fuller figures.

Its wide bottom band and cushioned straps allow the bra to lift the breasts with maximum comfort. Available in sizes 38B – 58H (UK)

Get the Glamorise Magic Lift Bra

Curve Muse Triangle Bra 

This is an underwired alternative for those who want great support with a less fuller cup.

This three-pack of non-padded triangle bras still provide full coverage and have wide straps to prevent digging into the shoulders. Available in sizes 34C – 48F. 

Get the Muse Triangle Bra

What are the best bras for arthritic women?

Arthritis can make it difficult and painful to move your body in ways that it was once used to.

The process of putting on or taking off a bra is second nature to us, but the action can become tricky the older you get. 

Front Closure bras are here to help and they come in a full range of styles.

Armona Front Velcro Fastening Bra 

Sometimes hooks can be fiddly. Velcro fastening bras are super easy to use and eliminate using the fingers to manoeuvre clasps.

The velcro is strong enough to provide a high level of fastening and support, but it’s also easy to undo with a simple pull. It comes in sizes 34-44 with stretchy cup sizes from a B – DD. 

Get the Armona Bra

Glamorise full cup front closure Bra 

For a full bust, Glamorise is the go to brand.

Front closure on these stylish and supportive bras means you can be in full control with the easy to use J clip mechanism.

Available in sizes 34B – 48G. 

Get the Glamorise Full Cup Bra

Naturana Front Fastening Bra

This everyday soft cup bra by Naturana is a non-wired 2 tone design with pretty white lace on the upper cup.

The wide rings and straps make it comfortable to wear on the shoulders, and the front clasp allows for easy use. 

Available in sizes 34B- 46D

Get the Naturana Bra

What are the best post-surgery recovery bras?

Breast cancer, surgery and recovery is a difficult time for any woman.

You need to support your body’s new shape and needs by finding a bra that is comfortable and stress-free.

Post-surgery bras are an important part of the recovery process for women who have had a mastectomy.

Mastectomy bras often come with a prosthetic that you can insert into the cup to recreate the breast shape, however, you shouldn’t feel that you have to use this if it isn’t comfortable to do so. 

Here’s our pick of the best post-recovery bras.

Theya Healthcare Antibacterial Bamboo Bra 

This bra is a comfortable choice for women at any stage of treatment, therapy, or post surgery.

The antibacterial bamboo mix material is soft and easy to wear and wash.

It also uses moisture wicking technology to prevent chafing.

The bra comes with removable pads and pockets for breast forms or prosthesis up to an E cup size. It is front fastening with adjustable straps for maximum comfort and ease. 

Get the Theya Healthcare Bra

Camille Mastectomy Bra 

This double pocketed bra can be used with a silicone prosthesis.

It comes in pretty white lace with full cup coverage and back fastening. Available in sizes 34B- 42DD.

Get the Camille Bra

Annette Post Surgical Bra

With countless 5 star reviews on Amazon, this really does look to be one of the best.

The pre-moulded cups give shape and fit perfectly to the breast which make this a brilliant bra for those who have had breast reduction surgery. Available in sizes 34B- 42DD. 

Get the Annette Bra

Coverage + Appearance

Bras can come in a range of coverage styles, from full cup to barely there.

Cups can be round or more triangle-shaped. It’s important to work out what style of coverage works best for you and your level of support. 

For full coverage, check out this bra by Miss Mary

For a triangle style cup check out Wonderbra

Thanks to their different shapes, styles and appearances, you can mix and match bras to suit the setting you’re wearing them in.

However pretty bras should not mean discomfort or less coverage.

Whether you like to style it up with a different colour, pattern or maybe a bit of lace, there are plenty of gorgeous bras that can help you feel special.

Check out this gorgeous bra by Glamorise.

Remember when you are purchasing a new bra to consider if it is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Buying the cheapest option might mean that you find yourself having to buy more new bras than if you invest in a more expensive, good quality one that will last. 

What is the best supportive swimwear for older women?

Going for a swim? Don’t forget a decent costume!

It’s all well and good having a fantastic bra, but what happens when you need to take it off, like when you go swimming or to the beach? 

Swimwear can be a troublesome area for women of all ages, but especially for those with larger breasts who need round the clock support.

It’s important that you can still enjoy these activities without the fear that you will need to be braless or vulnerable to a wardrobe malfunction. 

Zoggs Sandon Scoopback

This swimsuit is a great option for routine swimmers and has the added bonus of foam cups and tummy control which enhance and support your natural shape in a flattering way.

Zoggs is a reputable swimwear brand worn by swimmers of all ages! 

Get the Zoggs Sandon Scoopback

V Neck Onepiece by F Flyrong

This stylish V-neck design and criss-cross back make this a swimsuit for all occasions and functions.

It has built-in cups to help support and enhance your shape in the pool or at the beach and comes in a range of colours. 

Get the F Flyrong Swimsuit

Panozon Swimsuit

Available in a range of colours, this stylish two-tone swimsuit comes with built-in cups to support your shape while you swim. 

As with bras, it is important to take care of your swimsuit for it to last.

Always hand wash your swimsuit after swimming with tap water to remove the chlorine as this will damage it over time. 

Bodies change as we age and we need to love and respect that. 

It is important to love the body you have now and treat it nicely. 

Thanks to technology and the greater awareness of women’s health, it’s easy to access a wide range of bras and products which will physically and mentally support you and your body to make you feel great. 

So once you know your size and have a good idea of what bra you need, find one you love and enjoy your new-found ultimate boob comfort! 


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