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Books about loneliness: a review of the most helpful

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Alistair Clay Author

Author 20.07.2023

Alistair Clay

Whatever you’re going through, you can always find comfort on a printed page - and books about loneliness are no exception.

Anyone can experience loneliness at any point of their life, and it takes its toll physically and emotionally.

Whether you want to explore your own feelings or help another, these books about loneliness offer comfort and validation.

This article will cover the best books about loneliness to help you support yourself or a loved one through it.

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Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

  • Books about loneliness are more than just stories about lonely characters, but actual practical self-help guides. 
  • These books are a nice way to start conversations on difficult topics and break the taboo people feel towards loneliness. 
  • Tackling loneliness is essential as around 7.1% of people in the UK experience chronic loneliness. 
  • If you’re worried about a loved one, listen to how they’re feeling to find out how to help.
Loneliness fact or fiction

Loneliness: fact or fiction?

In the past, books about loneliness focused on solitary characters navigating the world in deep, lonesome thought. 

But in the 21st century, authors are recognising loneliness not as an artistic attribute, but as a persistent social issue. 

One that many people experience daily in a dark spiral of negative emotion, with no foreseeable end. 

Fighting this age of loneliness are the self-help authors whose books about loneliness provide a comforting companion for isolated times.

Why do we need books about loneliness

Why do we need books about loneliness?

The Campaign to End Loneliness reported that in 2022, 49.63% of UK adults reported feeling lonely.

This equates to 25.99 million people of all ages who feel lonely either occasionally, often or always. 

Plus, loneliness is still somewhat felt to be a taboo subject, and many people don’t know how to ask for help. 

So books about loneliness become a way for individuals to access information from the comfort and privacy of their home.

Are you worried about a loved one?

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How can books about loneliness help?

While buying a book may seem like a superficial way to fix a deep problem, you’ll be surprised at their utility.

Books are a safe way to explore topics – whether gifted, recommended or stumbled upon – they open up new ideas and possibilities. 

These books about loneliness offer carefully curated information, packaged for your comfort and use.

Unlike the unlimited online libraries of content, which can be overwhelming and send your anxiety spiralling.

The best books about loneliness

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best books about loneliness.

It might be worth trying a few to find the one that connects with you.

And the reviews can be a good way to narrow down your initial choice.

The Cure for Loneliness

The Cure for Loneliness: How to Feel Connected and Escape Isolation

The Cure for Loneliness By Dr. Bill Howatt is one of the most comprehensive self-help books about loneliness.  

It combines real-life case studies, self-reflection exercises, and cognitive behavioural techniques, to help you understand the psychology of loneliness. 

Plus, you’ll learn how to recognise thoughts and behaviours that could be limiting your potential and harming your mental health. 

This will help you get equipped with the skills to ask for help to close those gaps in social connection. 

Price: £6.37

What the reviews say:

“This book provides some practical tools and steps, such as questions for you to assess the quality of your relationships. I would have liked more personal anecdotes and stories, and maybe more analysis on the  thought patterns leading to loneliness.”

“This book is useful in demonstrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices in a workbook style. Written with the pandemic in mind, this is a practical approach to dealing with loneliness.”

Navigating Loneliness

Navigating Loneliness: How to Connect with Yourself and Others

Navigating Loneliness by Cheryl Rickman is a practical mental health handbook for anyone experiencing loneliness.

Whatever is causing you to feel isolated, this book gives you the tools to reconnect with your community. 

It also teaches you how to value yourself and understand your feelings and worries when dealing with loneliness. 

It’s an essential, easy guide for anyone going through a hard time. 

Price: £8.44

What the reviews say:

“Pleasant, easy to read, understand and implement with practical and rational exercises and quotes.”

“In every chapter you’ll find steps you can take and ideas to ponder about reframing the experience of loneliness.”

The Anatomy of Loneliness

The Anatomy of Loneliness: How to Find Your Way Back to Connection

In the Anatomy of Loneliness by Teal Swan, the author identifies three frameworks for talking about loneliness and isolation. 

These are Separation, Shame and Fear, which she uses to demonstrate her technique called The Connection Process. 

This spiritual guide to overcoming loneliness will support you in your journey towards a better, connected future. 

Price: £10.65

What the reviews say:

“She goes into how social conditioning/culture encourages us to not understand our emotions, but suppress, deny, and disown them. Her emphasis is how awareness helps us overcome, not suppress these feelings.”

“Teal Swan gives lots of actionable advice but it may not work for all readers who are experiencing loneliness. But all in all, it is a worthwhile book for those who feel disconnected.”

The Loneliness Solution

The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World

The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason is a friendly guide to tackling feelings of disconnection and loneliness through religion. 

In an age of social media and hyper-connectivity, many people still feel alone – and this number is only increasing. 

Eason’s guide uses lessons from scripture to help you find your own community and overcome the obstacle of loneliness.

Only available in Kindle format. 

Price: £7.68

What the reviews say:

“I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who is struggling with loneliness. And wanting to learn how they can reach out to others and develop friendships.”

“Eason encourages readers to help others and create a real community rather than a sense of community.”

On Loneliness

On Loneliness: How to Feel Less Alone In an Isolating World

On Loneliness by Terri Laxton Brooks fuses anecdotes from her own personal journey with practical self-help tips. 

Coming to terms with the fact that you are lonely can be tough, but it’s the first step to overcoming it. 

In this book you’ll learn about topics such as:

  • How to cope with loneliness
  • Why it is a normal and necessary stage of healthy growth
  • How to stop resisting it

Price: £10.33

What the reviews say:

“This book for me is about emotional discovery, courage, connection and hope.”

“ I am walking away with new ways of thinking about how I interact with people and the world around me.”


The Lonely Stories

The Lonely Stories: 22 Celebrated Writers on the Joys & Struggles of Being Alone

Something different from the self-help books about loneliness, The Lonely Stories are collected essays edited by Natalie Eve Garrett. 

Thought provoking, individual stories from writers putting into words that utterly subjective but inherently known feeling: loneliness. 

These essays will take you on a journey, exploring your own feelings through the insights of others.

You may even find yourself having a few laughs along the way!

Price: £12.99

What the reviews say:

“In a way, this book took me on my own (quite unexpected) little journey.  I came away feeling not only distinctly less alone, but also encouraged and empowered by a shared naming and knowing of aloneness.”

What to do if you’re worried about a loved one

What to do if you’re worried about a loved one

Noticing the symptoms of loneliness in a loved one can be a cause for concern. 

These symptoms can include loss of appetite, changes to sleep routine and poor mental health, including depression and anxiety. 

Luckily, there are different ways that you can help your loved one to identify signs of loneliness and overcome them. 

Find more information on how to cope with loneliness in this guide.

Is your loved one at risk of isolation

Is your loved one at risk of isolation?

If your loved one is missing out on social connections due to poor health they may be at risk of loneliness. 

Since loneliness can have damaging effects on mental and physical health, finding the right care and services is crucial. 

Enter your loved one’s care needs into the Sweet Pea platform to get matched with providers offering companionship and befriending services. 

Just click below.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission.

Alistair Clay Author

Author 20.07.2023

Alistair Clay

Alistair is a founding Director of Sweet Pea Care and the Managing Director of social care communications agency Arc Seven where he advises some of the UK’s biggest care providers.