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Discount for carers: where can you make savings?

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As a carer, you deserve a treat from time to time, and there is a discount for carers on just about everything.

From luxury breaks to pounds off your shopping bill, with carer discounts, you can feel good about splashing some cash.

There are many carer discounts out there, so find out where you can confidently spend and save.

This article will cover where you can collect a discount for carers and how discount schemes can give you a helping hand with your finances.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

  • Whether you are a full-time or part-time carer, it can be challenging to balance your responsibilities and managing care. 
  • Making the most of the little things can bring joy, so prioritising your health and well-being needs is just as important. 
  • You can get discounts from restaurants and retail stores to holidays depending on what you’re after.
  • Support is also available such as through state benefits and respite care, to reassure you during stressful situations.   
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Best discount for carers offers

As a carer, making the most of your spare time will do wonders for your mental health and well-being.

Discounts are a great way to make your money go further when supporting a loved one who relies on you for care. 

They help you spend less time worrying about what you need, like the weekly shop, and more time getting the things you want. 

These money-saving discounts can also go towards luxury experiences so that you can give yourself some TLC. 

Confused about care funding?

Care Funding Guide

Finding discount for Carers – Travel and Holidays

Getting carer discounts for a holiday can give you peace of mind when travelling, so you can save on your next trip. 

If you’re planning a getaway, why not ask your local travel agents about carer discounts on luxury excursions? 

You may even find discounts for city breaks that are cheaper to book, which can fit around your schedule. 

Options like respite holiday packages can make trips accessible for you and the person you care for. 

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You can save some pounds on your potatoes and more with discounts on groceries from big brands with cashback discounts.

Supermarkets offer a range of deals – such as saving on your first online order or signing up for a rewards scheme. 

Product discounts are also a quick way to save a little cash on popular items so you can save pennies with each purchase.

Loyalty card schemes are a great way to accumulate points and exchange them for a discount.


Discounts don’t jut have to be for the practical things in life, many sports centres and theme parks offer deals too. 

Your local cinema could offer carers free entry if the person they care for has a CEA card.

The Essential Companion Card by the National Trust gives free entry for carers to visit all their sites, such as stately homes, parks, and gardens. 

Even places such as the theatre may also offer free concession tickets for carers to attend shows. 

Why use discount for carers?

Using a discount for carers allows everyone to enjoy activities and days out, even if you are on a tight budget.

Using carer discounts means you will save money and feel good about dedicating some time to yourself. 

These discounts cater to the carer lifestyle, so you can attend events guilt-free and with your loved one for flexible living. 

They allow you and the person you care for to share experiences without compromising on the cost of activities and events.

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Making the most of financial benefits

Becoming a full-time carer for a family member can be overwhelming and costly when providing care. 

Setting up state benefits for your loved one will also help your support your household financially.

There are also benefits for pensioners over 70 which can help with living costs, transport, and household bills. 

By using carer discounts you can have more financial freedom and enjoy activities and breaks.

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Benefits for carers

Carer’s allowance

Financial benefits from the state are an essential way to take some pressure off and boost your finances.

A Carer’s Allowance can pay you up to £81.90 a week if you care for someone for 35 hours or more a week.

It’s worth checking the specific eligibility criteria of any state benefits you apply for, so you can give yourself the best chance of approval. 

Carer’s Credit

If you don’t qualify for Carer’s Allowance, you could try to claim Carer’s Credit, a National Insurance credit scheme.

To be eligible, you must spend 20 hours or more caring for a person who is also receiving a qualifying benefit. 

However, if you already receive a Carer’s Allowance then you don’t need to apply for Carer’s Credit as you will already receive it within the allowance.

Using respite breaks for your self-care

There are alternative ways to look after yourself with carer breaks and respite care options.

This is where you can temporarily take a break from care responsibilities while someone else takes over that duty. 

Respite holidays can cost around £700 a week and can be arranged and funded by charities and welfare grants. 

Sitting services have trained volunteers who can keep your loved one company for a few hours whilst you take a break.

Self-care for carers

A personalised self-care routine is a great way to help you as a carer feel prepared and refreshed for the day ahead. 

Practicing self-care as a carer gives you the chance to focus and set time aside for yourself, so you can provide the best care. 

Even if you can take the time for days out, you can use carer discounts for any self-care items you need.

Carer discounts are a flexible way to help you take breaks and help you with good self-care.

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At Home respite

Even if you are unable to take any time away from care duties, you can still take short breaks in between caring. 

Providing 24-hour live-in care or caring overnight is time-consuming, but there are ways to recharge. 

Taking a coffee break or going for a short walk can help you feel refuelled and energised to give yourself some stamina. 

Trips to the park or leisure centre are a great way to stay local to your loved one whilst you take a breather. 

Taking care of you

Even if you use carer discounts or take respite, there are many ways to de-stress and save some money. 

It’s important to give yourself a break when possible so you can stay in control when caring tasks get challenging. 

Including time with your loved one can also help you push away feelings of frustration or apathy. 

So that you can cherish shared experiences and feel confident during caring hours and when taking a break.

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Live independently with at-home care

Are you looking for care but worried about your loved one feeling co-dependent?

At-home care is one way to get support at home so they can continue to live confidently. 

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