The best Christmas gifts for elderly people The ultimate guide

The best Christmas gifts for elderly people: The ultimate guide

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It’s that time of year when we start scratching our heads thinking, 'what are the best Christmas gifts for elderly loved ones'?

Ponder this particular question no more - we’ve got the answers in this special Christmas edition gift guide.

If you’re shopping for your older parents, grandparents or extended family, these gifts will certainly make you a family favourite.

So without further ado, these Christmas gifts for elderly people are the ones to have on your shopping list this year!

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Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • The best Christmas gifts for grandparents (from grandkids) to make memories and share family histories.
  • Essential Christmas gifts for elderly people who want to live well, including mobile phones for seniors and winter warmers. 
  • Luxurious Christmas gifts for your mum or aunties that they will love. 
  • Fun gifts for dads and uncles who are always so hard to buy for! 
letters to my grandkids

Christmas gifts for grandparents

Let’s take a closer look at some top festive gift ideas for your loved ones.

Letters to my grandchildren set

This is a great gift for grandparents of any age and a great opportunity to impart some of their favourite memories and even life histories to their grandkids. 

Each letter has a unique writing prompt like ‘Here is a special story about our family…’, or ‘The best advice anyone ever gave me was….’.

The aim of the letters is to create something special for the grandchildren, whatever their age.

Why do we love it?

This christmas gift for elderly doesn’t just benefit the recipient.  

For grandparents, knowing that you’re sharing something special with your family is wonderful. 

But they’ll also be giving their grandkids (and perhaps their own kids too) something to cherish and carry with them throughout their life. 

It’s such a fun and interactive gift that keeps on giving – get yours today!

benefit of memory book for dementia

Memory Album

If they haven’t got one already, now is the time to gift your grandparents a memory album. 

It’s a wonderful way to collect memories for all the family, and one that your grandparents will love. 

Include photos, scrapbook style inserts and personal messages from all the family. 

Find a big book design that you love and enjoy filling it with meaningful memories. 

Why do we love it?

This is a great present for all grandparents, but can have special significance for those living with dementia. 

A memory album is similar to a dementia memory book or memory boxes for dementia, which you can create at home. 

And use it as a means for your grandparents to recall almost forgotten memories – you may be surprised at what they remember. 

This gift can connect younger family members with their grandparents and help them practise a type of reminiscence therapy too.

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Lap table tray

Perfect for cosy evenings in front of a good TV show, this Lap table tray is an essential household item for your grandparents. 

Whatever age they are, they will love this lap table tray, whether it’s to eat their meals with a bit of extra comfort.

Or do activities they enjoy such as playing card games or doing activities to keep your brain active, like the crossword. 

If the are living with dementia, they could play easy card games, and do their dementia puzzles using the table too. 

Why do we love it?

If your grandparents are older and less mobile, having a sturdy wooden tray provides stability and a good flat surface. 

All the while, the beanbag cushion optimises their comfort when eating and doing activities with the tray. 

The stylish design also feels less clinical than some of these adaptive products for older people. 

It comes in a range of colours and brilliant designs, so you’ll find one for Nan and Grandad!

Caring for a family member

Ancestry Kit

Did you know that you share 25% of your DNA with a grandparent? 

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about your family history, doing a DNA test to find out about your ancestors is the first step. 

And why not get your grandparents involved! 

They will love helping you find out about your family history, and may be able to share some useful information and insights. 

Why do we love it?

DNA Ancestry tests are safe to do and can provide families with incredible results. 

If your grandparent doesn’t know much about their past as a family, a test kit is a great way to start finding out. 

It’s a lovely way to start some conversations about family heritage and history that will shape generations to come.

And all the family can get involved!

Are there benefits for pensioners over 70

Journal of a Lifetime

Some of today’s grandparents have lived a life that the younger generations simply can’t imagine. 

They’ve lived through Britain at war, the turn of the century – the millennium- the birth of the computer and the mobile phone. 

But what was life like before all of this, that we younger people take for granted? 

What was their life like before children, or even as a child themselves? 

Why do we love it?

Gifting your grandparent a place to record all of their stories and family histories is an invaluable gift for them and their family. 

Be it a chance to reflect on things in the past (which can be therapeutic) or share stories and wisdom for the future. 

Many grandparents will see this as their unofficial memoir – who knows there might be something book worthy in there after all!

Sutton homecare

Christmas gifts for elderly people

Here are a few ideas for Christmas presents for older people, from adult children!

National Trust Membership

If your elderly parents love to travel, but aren’t quite up to the long journeys abroad, why not explore Great Britain.

A National Trust Membership could be just the ticket, as Members receive free entry to over 500 British landmark sites. 

From gorgeous stately homes to wild and rugged coast paths, National Trust offers access to so many fantastic heritage sites. 

So your loved ones can keep exploring and making fantastic memories. 

Why do we love it?

The National Trust membership will take them all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Money from members goes towards maintaining and protecting the incredible heritage of our isles, for generations to come. 

The trust also encourages its members to make the most of their local spaces, through exercise, dog walking and more.

As well as hosting events in everything from gardening to cooking – which are perfect for meeting like minded people or trying something new.

dementia friendly mobile phones

Senior-Friendly Mobile Phone

Want to give your elderly parents the gift of communication? 

Now is as good a time as any to try out a senior-friendly mobile phone.

There are lots of styles that include adapted features such as big buttons and loud ringtones that cater for different needs of the elderly. 

You can also programme in your contact on speed dial, so no need to remember phone numbers or navigate complicated menus.

Who do we love it?

As older people are living longer, it’s important to give them the tools and knowledge to communicate with family, especially if living alone. 

Plus, there’s so much amazing technology out there to help them, and why not make the most of it? 

Giving your loved one a phone can help them stay independent as well as give you peace of mind that they can call if needed. 

Check out our articles for the best phones for hard of hearing and dementia friendly phones for your loved one.

Worried your loved one is lonely?

Loneliness and isolation in older people

Something snuggly

Sometimes there’s no better Christmas gift for an older person than a snuggly winter warmer. 

The list is endless so you’ll be sure to find something they love to wear or use in the cold winter months. 

From cosy slippers, and socks to super soft blankets and housecoats, these are the gifts that everyone loves to receive. 

Why do we love it?

A cosy Christmas gift never goes amiss during these cold months. 

Though it is a simple gift, you can really make it feel special by choosing premium materials or lovely colours. 

The trick with gifting something simple is to keep it feeling luxurious, and you can be sure they’ll love it.

online support for loneliness

A course subscription

With more time on their hands in retirement, older people can sometimes find themselves needing a stimulating activity to keep them focused.

Your loved ones may already have hobbies or groups they participate in, but what about learning something new?

There are so many awesome courses available online and in person (check out local options) to get involved in. 

If you don’t have something in mind, find an online course platform where they can choose from a variety of courses.

Why do we love it?

Though it can be a challenge, learning something new is one of the best ways for older people to keep the brain active as they age. 

Getting involved in a course can spark interest in a new topic or perhaps help your loved one meet like minded people. 

Whatever benefits their experience brings can help them age well and stay active, mentally and physically in later life. 

Plus there is a whole world of topics, interests, skills and crafts to choose from!

Voice assistant

Voice assistant

If you can help your loved one get to grips with it, voice assistants are a great Christmas gift for older people. 

There are a number of designs to choose from that provide intelligent suggestions, automate tasks and provide support at home.

They can be used across all rooms of the house and with a number of apps to play music, set reminders and answer questions. 

They can be entertaining and comforting (and occasionally annoying), but overall an extremely useful home gadget. 

Why do we love it?

Voice assistant technology, or smart speakers, can be a great addition to your loved one’s home, especially if they live alone. 

They can be programmed with everything they need, and can even support elements of care and home help and safety.

At the very least they can use them to listen to the radio and maybe even voice control a few lights if you’re feeling technical!

Elderly care options

Find care now

If your loved one’s are showing early signs that they need care, now is a good time to start understanding your options. 

Starting with a little home help or companion care can make for an easier transition if they need more in the future. 

Start your loved one’s care journey today by searching for local care and later life support on Sweet Pea. 


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission.