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Male Pattern Baldness: The Best Treatments

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Hair loss or male pattern baldness is something that many men will experience in their lifetime, causing varying levels of annoyance or distress, depending on your perspective.

Whether you’ve known all your life that baldness would be your destiny, or are rather horrified at the thought of losing your luscious locks, we’re here to tell you that hair loss is a normal part of ageing.

This blog will tell you the best products on the market for living with the condition known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

  • There is no actual over the counter cure for male pattern baldness as it is a natural part of aging exacerbated by genetic factors.  
  • It can only be prolonged with these products and supplements that can strengthen and thicken hair. 
  • If you are worried about hair loss, the best thing to do is speak to your GP and establish your options. 


male pattern baldness

What is male pattern baldness?

The more formal name for male hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which we’ve come to know as male pattern baldness. 

The condition is usually caused by a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. 

For example, a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosteron) changes the hair follicles on the scalp and causes the hairs to become progressively smaller until production totally ceases and only bald, hairless patches are left.

Is there a cure for male pattern baldness?

There is no cure for androgenetic alopecia. Indeed, it is not generally seen as a medical condition that requires treatment or curing. 

This is because male hair loss is a pretty inevitable part of ageing that can be expected, especially if close male relatives have experienced hair loss. 

In terms of hormones, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen that is derived from testosterone.

An androgen is a sex hormone that contributes to the development of what are thought of as “male” sex characteristics, such as body hair.

But it can also make you lose your hair faster and earlier. 

Once it’s freely flowing through your bloodstream, DHT can then link to receptors on hair follicles in your scalp, causing them to shrink and become less capable of supporting a healthy head of hair.

How is male pattern baldness treated?

As previously stated, there is no specific treatment as such for male pattern baldness, as it is not deemed a treatable medical condition.

However, it can bring stress, anxiety or issues in self confidence with men who are new to the change or who can expect it later in their lives.

This being, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional if the change is unexpected, as there could be underlying factors causing hair thinning that are treatable. 

how to treat female hair loss and baldness

What are the best products for treating male pattern baldness?

While it is important to remember that there is nothing to be ashamed or worried about in terms of going bald, we understand that change is always uncertain and can be tricky to get your head around, at least at first. 

For example, if you’re still dating and want to look your best, we understand that a little bit of help goes a long way.

We have compiled a list of the best rated and readily available hair treatments that range from preventing hair loss to restyling your look after it has happened.

These are the best products available for treating male pattern baldness without a prescription. 

Shampoo and Conditioner

NANOGEN Thickening Hair Treatment Shampoo

This lightweight hair thickening shampoo is a great product for men who have fine, thinning hair or those who are trying to improve hair thickness. It uses Nanogen’s unique Hair Growth Factor complex to promote thicker and healthier hair growth achieved over time. 

Nanogen 5-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

This all in one hair thickening Shampoo and conditioner for men helps create the appearance of thicker hair from the very first wash.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1

With its unique galenic formula and its optimal caffeine dosage (and other potent active ingredients) Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1 supports natural hair growth. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo’s effectiveness to help with hair loss has been demonstrated over several years of scientific research. Contains caffeine, zinc and niacin for healthy hair roots.


Regaine for Men Hair Loss & Regrowth Scalp Foam Treatment with Minoxidil

Clinically Proven To Help Regrow Hair – Regaine contains minoxidil; the only OTC active ingredient clinically proven to help stop and even reverse male hereditary hair loss. Minoxidil works by increasing the blood supply and nutrients to hair follicles, assisting in strengthening existing hairs and encouraging growth.


Hair Pill Hair Regrowth, High Potency, 5000 mcg

Hair Pill’s proprietary blend of Hair boosting nutrients work to boost the speed of hair growth. Their ethos is that healthy, beautiful hair comes from within therefore Hair Pill contains all the essential hair boosting vitamins and minerals that are often lacking in your diet. 

Hair Pill was formulated specifically to support the natural Hair Growth Cycle, helping increase the overall lifespan of the hair follicles and reducing hair loss.

Viviscal – Hair Supplements for Men – Pack of 60 Tablets

Maximum Strength Hair Supplements are hair supplements for thicker and fuller looking hair. It is 100% naturally derived, formulated with Biotin and Zinc, supporting healthy hair from within, plus the marine protein complex Amino Marc, which is only in Viviscal. 

It is recommended to use Viviscal man supplements with Viviscal Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir

LINCOLN Biotin Hair Growth Serum For Men

Our hair regrowth treatment for men is a hair tonic for hair loss designed to provide scalp treatment for hair growth by properly hydrating and nourishing the roots of your hair. The hair growth oil promotes a denser and voluminous look for your hair. 

Biotin Hair Growth Supplement – 365 Tablets (Full Year Supply) – Biotin 10,000mcg by Nu U Nutrition 

One easy to swallow tablet a day to give you all the benefits of our maximum strength Biotin supplement. The tablets are small enough for anyone to swallow with the minimum of fuss.

Hair Powder

BOLDIFY Hair Fibres 

Boldify Hair Thickening Fibers instantly cover bald spots, thinning, and patchiness across your temples, part, crown, and sides.