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Online Dating for Seniors: The Best Sites

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Author 28.06.2022

Esme Davies

When taking the first steps into online dating for seniors it is important to get your head around the technology, to avoid any embarrassing mishaps as well as to keep yourself safe and your information secure.

For some readers, online dating may be a totally alien concept.

Indeed, while the prospect of giving yourself to the online world can be a little daunting, there are many benefits to be had from making the most of technology.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about online dating for seniors as well as the best online dating sites for older daters.

  • There are lots of online dating sites for people looking to meet someone online. However, there are a few specifically geared up for older people who are looking for a more mature dating experience.
  • Setting up a profile is easy, but it’s important to represent yourself in the best light with good quality pictures and information about yourself.
  • Knowing how to conduct yourself online, especially when you get a match is also important. Knowing topics to avoid and how to start conversations with people can help you succeed in your online dating adventure.
  • Check out the range of sites we suggest in this blog and see what works for you. You never know who you might meet!
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Why try online dating for seniors?

Moving your dating experience online can open you up to so many more people, ideas and experiences than you might have ever dreamed of and could be a far better way to find someone you actually click with, rather than just a convenient match in your local area. 

In fact, Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld has noted that…

Since 1940, traditional ways of meeting partners – through family, in church and in the neighbourhood – have all been in decline. 

The expectations around relationships and marriages have shifted somewhat since 1940. 

These more traditional methods were replaced in the early 21st century by meeting through friends in social situations. 

However, this is now being replaced by the power of algorithms on online dating sites, which use technology to help you find the perfect match.

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How do senior dating sites for seniors work?

Online dating sites for seniors work in the same way as they do for younger people.

They are all about creating an online presence that can be found by significantly more people than what you might meet in your local area. 

Instead of going for a guy or gal out of convenience, or dare we say simply for lack of other options, online dating allows you to select your preferences, bypass your bugbears and (hopefully) find your Prince or Princess Charming.

When you decide to embark on your journey into online dating for seniors, it is important to get everything set up correctly.

This will allow the algorithms to get to work and find you what you want. 

What is an algorithm?

Wait a minute. Algorithms? What are those?

As with any type of technology, you’re going to come across a few tricky bits of terminology. 

But let’s get this straight. Algorithms are the processes or rules that the computer follows in order to get a certain result.

Think of it as the problem solving mechanism that gives you answers to all those little questions. 

As you use a computer, it learns certain patterns of behaviour. It then uses these patterns to predict what you want it to do. 

Applying these terms to the way we use online dating sites; the algorithms learn what you like and begin to produce results based on those preferences and behavioural patterns.

This ensures that you only see matches that are potentially suitable for you and saves you the nuisance of trawling through thousands of unlikely candidates. 

how to online dating sites work

How to begin online dating for seniors

Step 1 – Pick a senior dating site that is right for you and become a member. You might find some are free while some have premium options which charge a membership fee. 

Step 2 – Build up a great online profile by selecting pictures, preferences and telling the site a little bit about who you are and why you have joined.

Step 3 – Get started! Whether you’re scrolling or swiping, chatting or flirting you are now ready to meet new people and have some fun! 


Top tips to create a great online dating for seniors profile 

The photos

One 2021 study suggests that dating apps and websites provide ‘a specific frame for the self-presentation, namely the individual profile picture’. 

The emphasis on images in online dating is clear. 

Therefore, it is essential to get them right if you want to get noticed. 

  • Make sure that your photos are recent and haven’t undergone significant editing. If you don’t have any recent photos that you want to use, take some new ones. Read our tips for how to take a good photograph.
  • Be brave and show off your figure – we all like different things!
  • Choose photos that represent you. Whether they show you practicing a sport, craft or hobby, enjoying a holiday or night out. These are great ways to convey the things you love doing to a potential match. As they say, pictures speak louder than words!
  • Include 5-7 images that show you in a range of different ways. 
  • Remember that this is about you! Not your pals or family. Keep the focus on you by including solo images where you can really show off! This being said, if the site allows, you could consider including one of you with family or pets (if they are important parts of your life) towards the end of your profile selection. 

How to take a good photograph

  • Use natural lighting that is flattering
  • Choose an interesting location. I.e. not a bathroom. There’s nothing worse than seeing a toilet popping up behind you when trying to look good! Holiday snaps are always nice. 
  • Use the camera focus function
  • Be natural
  • Don’t pull a silly face
  • Show your smile!

The words

When it comes to writing your profile, you have to convey your personality within a limited word count. 

This can be tricky, especially if you have lots of interests. 

The best advice is to decide on the strongest aspects of your character and present them in short, snappy phrases. 

For example:

Cat lover. Cook. Love travelling. 

Dancer. Adventurer. Positive thinker. 

Avoid clichés. While you might think they describe your situation perfectly, clichés are red flags for many online daters. Slightly awkward and embarrassing, their complete lack of originality is certainly one to avoid associating with. 

Write in positive terms. That is, try not to sound negative about previous experiences or past relationships, or anything for that matter when you’re looking to attract attention. 

Be honest. If you aren’t really a bilingual millionaire with no kids and 3 holiday homes then don’t say you are. It’s important to be honest about who you are as well as how you feel and what you want when talking to and meeting people both online and offline. 

Update your profile regularly. Moved to a new area or found a new hobby? Let your online candidates know. You might get a new match. This applies to photos too. There’s no harm in doing a bit of housekeeping and sprucing up your profile every now and again. 

Check your grammar. No one likes a badly spelt profile. It certainly won’t attract suitors. Even if spelling is not your strong point, get a friend to read your profile or at least double check it yourself before posting. 

Ask your friends for help. Alternatively, get a friend to help you write your profile. They won’t be afraid of showcasing your best bits and will most likely be honoured to help you.

stay safe when online dating

How to stay safe when online dating for seniors

It can be easy to get carried away online where the real world meets a more virtual and potentially abundant one of online dating.

At any age, people can use and abuse information.

While it’s not likely to happen if you stay vigilant, it’s worth knowing how to have fun and stay safe while you’re at it. 

Therefore, it is important that you know how to stay safe online, especially when giving information about yourself and interacting with other people. 

Here are a few things it’s worth remembering when using online dating sites. 

Never give anyone personal security details. Bank information, passwords, addresses etc are all personal to you. No doubt you use them online most days. Be careful about what personal details you share online as it could be used malignly. 

Beware of scams. Scams are unfortunately very common online and make up many of the horror stories of online dating. While you shouldn’t let this put you off, it is important to be aware of them and what to do if you are concerned about something. 

Are they who they say they are? This is known as ‘catfishing’ where someone pretends to be someone else in the context of online dating in order to gain trust or access to someone, who is potentially vulnerable to exploitation.

Scamwatch suggests that many online scammers create fake accounts using names of overseas military personnel who therefore appear to have a credible story behind them. Read our blog Online Scams: How to stay safe online to learn more about the types of scams and how to avoid them.

Don’t post anything that could damage your work or personal relationships or reputation. While things online can seem ephemeral, remember that once you post something on the internet it stays there in the ether. Think twice about what you say, do and search online, as it could come back to haunt you. 

Don’t rush into anything. We all know how easy it is to get carried away when dating. Once you’ve moved your relationship offline and into the real world, do spend some time getting to know your date before making any big decisions such as engagement, or buying property together, for example.

Be honest. This works both ways. Don’t say anything or make claims for something that you can’t follow through with. Equally, watch out for what other people are saying to you. 

Consider how they talk about past relationships. Negative, stereotyping, questionable views on gender, sexuality, race, politics? Watch out for any red flags or things that don’t sit right with you. And remember this applies to you too!

Which Online Dating Sites Are Best for Seniors?


find love online dating

Find a truly compatible match with SilverSingles well thought out questionnaire.

Choose from Basic and Premium packages. The basic membership is useful for a trial period. However, if you want to invest in meeting a committed partner, we recommend the Premium option. 


single over 50s

If you’re over 50 and looking for a partner, OurTime provides a laid back atmosphere that’s perfect for an older crowd who are new to online dating. 

The comprehensive website offers advice and tips for older daters as well as suggested activities for dates and a helpful blog. 

Use online or in the app.

Find Companionship

want to find a partner online

Find companionship is a go-to online dating provider for the more mature dater.

It is completely free to join Find Companionship and as soon as you do, you can add your photo and create your own personal profile page.

It costs nothing to send a wink so you can start contacting the people that you fancy straight away, and search by location to find other singles in your area. 

Elite Singles Over 50

online dating for older people

Intelligent matchmaking with elite and eligible singles.

Though this site isn’t specifically for older daters Elite singles offer a branch for mature daters which will allow you to be matches with the best possible singles.

Elite singles suggest suitable profiles, delivering 3-7 potential matches a day based on your preferences.

UK Mature Dating

meeting people when you are older

This 50+ dating online mature dating site has been established over ten years now and it proves that there is plenty of life for older people who are looking for love and friendship online.

The easy to use and no-fuss website allows you to simply select your preferences and put yourself out there to meet other people your age who are looking for friendship, companionship, love or romance.

finding it difficult to meet someone

Match offers a number of interesting features on the app including a ‘Match Badge’ which recognises ‘real gents’ as well as a live service with Lara, a dating coach to provide a helping hand to its subscribers. 

Most reviewers seem happy with the service provided at, especially when working out difficulties or confusions with the technology. 

Top advice for online dating

Look for shared interests, but don’t be put off by differences

It is certainly important to keep an open mind when trying to find love online.

Maybe you have never come across a certain type of person, ideas, nationalities, interests (the list goes on), but you might find that someone who you might have never gone for in the past is right up your street! 

Manage expectations and know what you want

This is important when entering the world of online dating for seniors.

It’s unlikely you’ll fall in love with the first person you match, or maybe someone you like doesn’t like you back.

The world of dating is a swings and roundabouts experience, so it’s important to manage your expectations.

If something doesn’t work out or leaves you feeling cold, take a break and return to the site or dating in general when you feel ready to.

You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince or Princess charming! 

Have fun!

This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience with lots of potential for exciting and interesting encounters with new people.

Relax and have a good time.

You never know where it might take you!


Author 28.06.2022

Esme Davies

Esme Davies is Sweet Pea’s Marketing and Customer Success Manager with an extensive knowledge of the issues affecting older people and their families. As one of the senior members of the Editorial Team, Esme crafts articles, guides and marketing campaigns to engage people on the importance of preparing for later life and to educate audiences on the most pressing health, care and finance topics affecting the older generation.